How old should baby be during the sitter session?

Recommended age is 6-10 months. During this time frame they are able to sit on their own and hold there neck while on their tummy's. 

My baby is about to turn 1 year, when should I book?

We typically recommended to have the session taken place prior to their birthday. This way you are able to have the photos ready for them. Typically it takes us 1 week for delivery and 1 week for editing. 2-3 weeks prior to their birthdays. 

I want to do a cake smash sessions for my baby, is the cake part of your session fee? 

The session fee includes the session time, use of one of our wardrobe changes, all the images and editing. The cake is separate. We do however collaborate with an amazing cake vendor who is affordable. Her custom cakes range from $20-$40 dollars. She also delivers the cakes to our studio so it is here before you arrive. After booking we will pass her information over to you. The cake vendor typically requires 1-2 week notice. 

How can I prepare for the session:

After booking you are granted access to our client portal on here we go over several tips to make your session successful and filled of laughter for you baby. 

Where does the session take place?

In our studio home in Cerrtitos CA. They are shot ever other Friday between 9am-3pm. Spots fill up fast to book click here. 

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