Thank you for booking your Newborn Photo Session with us.

After submitting your deposit we will grant you access to our Newborn Photography Tuturial. This video will help you prepare for your newborn photo session.

How old should the baby be to be photographed?

Based on experience we have learned that newborn babies between 4-15 days generate the best photos. Between 4-15 days the babies are smaller, more tender and they are easier to maneuver and pose. They are generally calmer and they fall asleep easier. Conversely, if a baby is 16 days or older, they are not only much bigger than the pictures that you see on our website, but the lighting from our studio becomes intriguing to them, which can keep them awake for longer periods of time. In addition, babies that are bigger than 15 days move a lot more, and they are easily agitated when we try to move them or pose them. 

How many people may I bring to the photo shoot?

We ask that only mom and dad come to our studio home as space is limited. Older brothers or sisters should not come to the session unless they are part of the photo session. If a sibling is joining the session we ask that a parent stay with the older sibling outside until we are done photographing baby alone. We have this rule because I require absolute silence during the session. Less people at the studio minimizes noise and distractions, so please do not have other family members join you.


What should I do to prepare the baby before the session?

It is important for you to arrive on time or early to the photo session. We start the photo session with a “full” baby so make sure to properly feed your baby before the session begins. We will take a feeding break at some point during the photo session but this will allow us to maximize our time with your baby. Prior to the session, please make sure that the baby is only wearing a diaper and covered with a blanket. This minimizes lines on the baby’s skin. Both parents must be aware that this process takes a while. Every photo session is different and we are working on “baby time”. Be prepared to spend 1-2 hours with us. We suggest that you bring a book, an IPad or any other device. You can also bring drinks and snacks.


How long are the newborn photo sessions?

 It all depends on the package which you purchase. Photo sessions can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.


What happens if my baby starts crying or gets fussy?

It’s completely normal for your baby to get a little fussy. Most of the time all they need is a little rocking, a feeding break and a touch of patience. At that point we will all take a break and you will be able to give your baby a full feeding and some soothing.


I saw a particular pose online that I would like to recreate, is that possible?

We prefer not to, as ultimately, the baby is in control of the session. Some babies may or may not like certain poses, or fabrics. We always begin with a set of ideas and poses which work very well for us, which we prefer to use. We are resourceful with our ideas depending on your baby’s sleeping habits, feeding schedule, weight, age, flexibility and personality, so we prefer not to do poses, props, or sets which you do not see on our website.


I have mastered a style of Newborn photography that I suggest that we keep as it gurentees we will maximize our time creating the photographs you see on our website. When clients want to recrete a pose or photograph that they see online, it can take a long time to recreate. Remember, our time is limited to the package which you select. 


What happens if my baby urinates, or has bowel movements?

This is completely normal and expected. Please don’t be embarrassed this is absolutely part of the process.


If I have to cancel my photo session, can I reschedule?

Because we have a very small window to photograph your newborn baby (ideally the first 4-15 days) we highly suggest to keep the appointment that we agreed on. But we understand that things can happen. If rescheduling needs to happen there will be a 25% fee added to the whole amount. Rescheduling will need to happen within 7 days.


What if we are late to the photo session?

If you are late to your session, you limit the amount of time that we get to work with your baby. Therefore this limits the amount of poses we may do and the amount of photos you may receive.


We advise that you bring:

•Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk if you're bottle-feeding

•Burp cloths



•Pacifier (They are very useful during our session)

•Foldable changing pad 


•Extra clothes for your baby.


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