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When to schedule?

  • Ideal time frame for newborn sessions is the first 2 weeks after birth. During the first 2 weeks they tend to sleep the most which means we can achieve a larger variety of poses.

  • Upon booking you will be asked to leave your due date on the form. As we get closer to your due date I will stay in touch with you.

  •  Priority if given to clients who book far in advance. 

What if?  

Q: Baby arrives sooner or later than the expected due date?

A: When baby arrives, you will let us know then if the appointment date needs to be changed. You are allowed to reschedule one time as long as the notice is given 72 hours in advance. Either way we also stay in touch with you as we get closer to your due date to ensure we are gauging properly. 

Don't over think this too much with newborns flexibility is a key component we are used to dealing with.

My baby is older than 2 weeks.

That is okay! Don't let that be determining factor. These moments are fleeting so quickly. There is still plenty we can do. 

What if I did not book in advance?

If you baby has already made it grand debut and you did not book a session, please check our availability.

There typically is availability on a weekly basis. If you need guidance or support, you can reach us via email. 


  • Our sessions take place at our Private studio in Cerritos. 13737 Artesia Blvd. Cerritos Ca 90703

  • Session are typically scheduled Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays  9am-3pm.

  • We do not travel to clients home. 

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