As you can see, we specialize in Maternity and newborn photography, I’ve been in business for going on 6 years and hope to continue this Journey for years to come. My current Editor/ assistant is graduating this May and he will soon transition into a role that fits his career path. Although I am sad to see him go, I look forward to collaborating and creatively growing together. 

I am looking to fill this position within the next 2-4 weeks. This role is a vital part of my business as It is just myself and my assistant creating an experience for our clients.

Please take the time to review this description of this position and my work in case you have any questions for me during our call. I look forward bringing in the right person on board.


Photo editor/ Photographer assistant


  • Editing 10-15 image per gallery

  • Anticipate 5-15 galleries per week

  • Editing can be done at my studio home or on your own time

  • All galleries are due Monday morning

  • You are given 5 days to work on each gallery.

  • Communicating with clients effectively and professionally via email and during sessions.



  • Monday 8am-12noon (roughly) -  Final review & send out gallery to clients.

  • Wednesday or Friday 8-11am - Half point review/ Check in.

  • Saturday and Sunday (1st and 3rd weekends of the month) 7:30am-12noon- Out on location shooting.


Pay rate:

  • This is commission based

  • Commission rate varies between $30-55 per completed gallery.

  • Pay is received Monday after submitting complete galleries.

  • Via cash or venmo app

  • Payment is not taxed.

Ideal candidate:

  • You have intermediate experience in photo editing using photo shop actions.

  • You can commit to schedule based your other commitments. 

  • You can effectively communicate and interact professionally.

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