• Please  read contract (goes over details, and policies)

  • Text and phone call are not answered regularly. 

  • If you have any question or concerns Emails are preferred as it keeps track of each client specific request. 

  • Emails are answered Monday-Friday


  • Studio home 13705 Kyle Dr. Cerritos Ca 90703

  • Front door will open at the exact time of your session. 

  • Attempt to keep the number of  people at the studio to minimizes noise and distractions.

Tips to make your session a breeze:

  • Make sure baby gets proper sleep the day before. 

  • Do not book session around nap time. They will be fuzzy if they do not get there nap! 

  • Bring toys and/or objects they are familiar with. We want them to feel comfortable being in a new environment. Bring objects they are familiar with.  

  • Pack their favorite snacks. 

  • Bring lots and lots of wipes. There will be cake on face, hands, toes, clothes etc..


  • We will have options for clothing such as rompers, tutu, pants, headbands and beanies. The color palette I am known for is very subtle colors. Ivory, beige, light grey, denim.

  • You are welcome to use one of our wardrobe options and bring some other options. If you absolutely have no idea what to bring you are welcome to use two sets of our. Please let us know in advance so we can prepare. 

  • In order for your images to stay consisted with the images you see on our website please stick to the same color palette. Avoid flashy, vibrant colors. 

  • I typically start off by snapping a few shots of them without the cake. This is our first outfit.

  • For the cake smash session I recommend jeans for boys or cotton sweats and for girls ruffled diaper cover up or tutus. Amazon prime has great deals on them here is the link (click).

Cake vendor:

  • Style #1 

  • Style #2 

  • Style #3

  • Style #4 

  • Price range  $20-$40 

  • Give 5-10 days notice 

  • Andrea's Phone number (562)400-9927

  • Cake vendor will collect payment via Venmo

  • Facebook:

During the session:

  • Begin by introducing my self to baby. 

  • Allowing baby to get comfortable in a new environment.

  • We play playful music in the background. 

  • I ask that you channel your kid side and play along with us. This will allow baby to smile, laugh and feel confident in a new setting. 

  • Prepare to play peak a boo, sing along and jump around. 

 Adding Additional family members:

  • Most of the time this session is only baby but if you and/or any other family would like to join the fun and additional $25 per person is charged. 

After the session:

  • Balance is paid. Card transaction have a 4% processing fee applied. If paying cash, we do not carry change. If paying with check please make it out to Yazmin Garcia. 

  • We will discuss the arrival of your edited images. Typically one week for delivery and one week for editing. 

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