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Hello there. 

Hello I am Yaz

A Maternity, Birth, Newborn videographer photographer. 

I have been documenting growing families for over 10 years.

Although my camera has been attached to me since I was a child, I stated photographing pregnant mothers after I lost a pregnancy 10 years ago.

Celebrating mother though documenting their pregnancies allowed me to heal.

Fast forward to today. I am now a wife, a dog mom of 2, a mom to a 3yr old sweet boy. My studio is located in the city of Cerritos CA. 

I love birth stories. It is the one defiant moment where your child enters this world. I hope to capture a piece of your families history through my lense. 


My location

I am based in Cerritos Ca. To ensure that I am close enough to you I recommend clients who wish to book with me to be in the local Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Will we meet before my birth?

Of course! Once you look over our portfolio, our packages we will exchange a few emails to ensure we are the right fit for each other. After we both decide this is the right fit, we can schedule a zoom meeting. 

Deposits are nonrefundable

Once you decide we are the right fit for each other. We initiate your payment plan. This ensures that I am flexible for you around your due date. I'll make sure I prepare my family and staff to be my support system so I can be part of yours. 

Are you allowed at the hospital? 

Every hospital is different. I would highly ask your provider during your check in how many people are allowed inside with you. 

Should I inform my doula/midwife/doctors that you will be present?

Of course! I am now part of your birth team it is best that we all know so there are no surprises. 

Prior to our phone call consultation, we will go over who is your support system. (Partner, family members, doulas, midwives etc.) I will document all their contact Info. 

How will you know when I go into labor? When will you arrive?

Good communication is Key!

After week 36 we will have a weekly check in. As we get closer to your due date communication will be frequent. 

You will contact me at the first signs of labor.

Labor can be unpredictable but there are things that help us determine when you are getting closer to delivery. Your health and babies' health, any previous births, the intensity of your contractions and the frequency of them help us have a better idea of when is a good time to come in. 

And of course, there is a lot of flexibility during this time. 

My style

I lean in to capturing the connection of mommas and their birth team as well as tenderness of the moment the baby arrives. Although I do not post images of the crowning as baby is coming out, I do take these images and videos. I make sure to give them to you on a separate file that is labeled for your eyes only. I believe this part of birth is up to you to determine how much you wish to share for this reason I do not post/share those images, but I will grant them to you. 

Photo editing

Birth photography is raw and authentic. It is meant to document what is really there and how it is happening. 

The editing style for these images are meant to stay true to how events happened. 


Video editing

We have a team fully dedicated to customizing your video. We grant one video. Because the video is outsourced if any additional editing is requested it may require additional fees depending on the nature. 


I want a dark room during my labor.

That's totally part of your preference. The time of day also has a lot to do with this. I have proper gear to assist me in the event of low lighting. This includes my own special lamp that I bring to every birth that illuminates just enough light for images. I also have a flash in case you want to reduce the lights. We can discuss this later on. 

What if you miss my birth? 

The short answer is that will highly not be possible.

Your deposit allows me to completely secure support from my staff and family to ensure I am available to attend your birth.

I only take clients that I am confident I can attend your birth based on your due date and location of your planned birth.

After you secure my services, we communicate frequently to ensure we are all working together.

What If baby comes fast?

That is all part of their birth story. I will still come in and document what is happening as it unfolds. In worst case scenario baby comes very fast we can still do fresh 48 session, coming home and/or a Newborn session. 

How much longer will you stay after birth? 

Typically, 1-2 hrs. This all varies on the time of day it is. How long the birth has lasted. All of that is part of YOUR baby's birth story

I aim to get photos of the golden hour after the baby is born. The first moments of their lives and the first moments of you cuddling your new baby. 

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